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Tardia: the architecture of fashion

It was in the year 2002 that T&T Tardia company grow out of professionalism and years of gained experience of Mr Antonio Tardia. The new company is the arrival point of a business path around "coat" that found in Martina Franca one of the most qualified manufacturing pole in Italy.

Antonio Tardia, with his sons Piero, Igino and Teresa,takes on his manufacturing challenge collecting all the best of his fieldwork and trusting in his great intuition: create a high quality product both for material and for tailoring. Special focus of Mr Tardia on the combination of high quality product,wearability, care of details and cutting that is typical of Made in Italy product, makes the motivation of his passion.

The whole family in this way goes against the current respect the market direction which orientation is to finda cheap and imported product.

Production and distribution are settled in Martina Franca instead the art design is committed to qualified advisors out of our area but that are periodically coordinated by Antonio Tardia directly who deal with commercial part of business together with the son Piero whereas Igino is the style and production coordinator. Our organization and professionalism finally materializes in our product which style and perfection can be appreciated by a final careful consumer.

Similarly to an architecture's studio where everything is projected, studied, produced and distributedthe same is for our product that from the beginning to the end is controlled by a qualified team. That's why when we talk about Tardia collection we can talk about real Architecture of fashion.